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Welcome to Carpe Factum Training

Why Use Carpe Factum?

Training is a critical investment in your organization.  Too often, it is viewed as a "necessary evil" to fix a problem.  At Carpe Factum, we view training as an investment.  Our philosophy of training is it should be:

  • Shared - the best training experiences are those where team members can learn and discover together.  Then they can serve as a support mechanism for each other.
  • Relevant - we don't like theory here at Carpe Factum.  We use what works in real life to give you take-back-to-your-desk application.
  • Interactive - you don't want a talking head droning at you from the front of a classroom.  We want you to ask questions, to engage the instructor (and each other), to wrestle with concepts, to challenge what doesn't make sense, to get your hands dirty.  In other words, we want you to be an active participant in your learning experience.

Learning Competencies

What journey are you taking?  How do YOU want to seize the accomplishment?  Do you want to design your accomplishments more purposefully?  How about systems thinking and business analysis?  Do you want to brainstorm new accomplishments?  We'd recommend a workshop in creativity.  Do you want to achieve your accomplishments better?  Project management is the way to go.  Talk to us about your specific team and organizational challenges.  With the end results in mind, we'll take your team on a journey to seize their critical accomplishments, and you will have people who will act differently when they get back to their desks.  A Carpe Factum workshop is customized to provide you with real application and take-back-to-your-desk tools and strategies as opposed to just “fluffy theory.”  We keep our workshops condensed to a timeframe which works for you and your goals.  Contact us for competitive pricing.

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