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Why Use Carpe Factum?

Timothy brings real life experience into every service he provides. With over 30 years in the corporate world and over 25 years in academia, Timothy has curated practical life lessons and distills his observations to his audience with a balance of candor and humor. 


Online Workshops 

Many of Timothy's students and clients have said, "I wish my [spouse, boss, coworkers, friends] could hear this. They could really benefit from it." Now they can! Using his experience as an online instructor as well as a consultant and public speaker, Timothy has created several online workshops, launching in the first quarter of 2021. Timothy has also specifically branded his workshops under the Rabid Dog Growth umbrella. Topics include:

    • No Your Audience: Saying No More Effectively - we all know we are too busy, but how often do we wish we said no when we did the exact opposite. In this workshop, Timothy covers the "yes crisis," the myths we use to trick ourselves out of saying no, techniques for saying no, and follow-up.
    • DRIVEN: Branding What You Say, Think, and Do - we have heard of company and product branding; we've also heard of personal branding. But what about the middle ground of accomplishment branding? In this workshop, Timothy will cover tried and true techniques for branding our messaging, the presentation of ideas, and our tasks and projects. 
    • [Coming Soon] R U A Good Fit: Understanding Organizational Cultures - you may be looking for a new job or trying to diagnose a problem in your current organization. You may be an HR recruiter trying to articulate candidates on the benefits of your organization. In this workshop, Timothy breaks down the elements of CULTURES into eight identifiable artifacts.
    • [Coming Soon] From Idea to Approval: Initiating Your Projects for Success - if you are in a project role (either as a project manager or an executive decision-maker), ensuring each project in your organization starts from the right place is critical for ensuring your project's overall success. "Projects don't fail because they end poorly; they fail because they start poorly."
    • [Coming Soon] Enough Talk: Communication Pitfalls - in this workshop, Timothy tackles the communication model and diagnoses several of the pitfalls of communication that tend to get in the way of conveying our messages clearly.


Podcast Guest or Meetup Speaker

If you would like to introduce your respective audiences to some of these topics, contact Timothy for more information. 

"Timothy provided a leadership workshop for my team of business analysts, with a focus on individual personalities and values. I was impressed with Timothy's thorough preparation for our workshop. He took the time to meet with me and understand the challenges facing us as well as the expectations I had for the training. He was an excellent facilitator, asking thought-provoking questions in a non-judgmental manner. My team members have grown both personally and professionally from this experience!" — IT Manager, Property and Casualty Insurance Company


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