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About Carpe Factum

Paradoxically, Timothy L. Johnson reverted to a dead language to express the living concept he’d recognized. “Carpe Factum” is the Latin equivalent of “Seize the Accomplishment.” How many organizations are doing things, yet they don’t appear to be making progress?  When this does not occur – for any systemic reason – the organization or project can experience what Timothy has called “Accomplishment Apnea.”

He likens this phenomenon to the “Sleep Apnea” disorder. Sufferers of this condition are often caught in a cycle of closed airways, loss of oxygen, then brief waking. They never achieve the deep REM sleep needed to make one feel rested.

The Greek word "apnea" literally means "without breath."

Organizations can experience similar issues. Most of us have witnessed companies filled with “zombies,” employees who walk “around in a groggy fog. Timothy notes that in these situations, “nothing ever gets done, but there seems to be a lot of unpleasant noise” from grumbling, complaining and excuses. It’s what Timothy diagnoses as Accomplishment Apnea: the organization’s sense of mission and accomplishment isn't getting any oxygen to keep it alive.

Carpe Factum’s mission is “To Help Organizations and Individuals Seize Significant Accomplishments.”  Each client is different, and Carpe Factum will tailor a specific approach to meet the specific needs.  Taking a holistic and systemic approach, Timothy Johnson looks at what is causing the breakdowns toward accomplishment.  Then he uses his professional arsenal to fix the situation.  Sometimes, it may be managing a project or training others how to manage a project.  Occasionally, it may involve systems thinking and process improvement to make things run more smoothly.  Sometimes, it can involve facilitating a group to be more creative or to break through the office politics that are getting in their way.

The bottom line is that Carpe Factum looks at the entire equation: The Projects, The Processes, The Politics, The People, and the Production to find the right solution. Your problems are not one-size-fits-all.  Isn’t it about time you hired a consultant who approached solutions with a customized outcome in mind?  Also, Carpe Factum is not about planting a consultant in a cubicle for months on end. Our goal is to come in, add value, and get out. We are successful if and only if we make ourselves obsolete. How many of the consulting firms you currently hire can say that?

About Timothy

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Timothy’s achievements are many and diverse:

  • Chief Accomplishment Officer of Carpe Factum, Inc. (formerly Delta Project Solutions, Inc.)
  • Teacher - Timothy teaches MBA classes and - backed by certification in project management - assists with project management issues, allowing him to delve into both practice and theory.
  • Project Management Consultant - Timothy successfully has led many high end projects and programs, serving as both a project management consultant as well as a business analyst consultant, not only in the Des Moines area but across the U.S.  Timothy believes in delivering value, completing the deliverable, seizing the accomplishment, and getting out.  He has little patience for consultants who burrow in for the long-haul (i.e., "cubicle parasites") just for the purpose of keeping their foot in the door and collecting an unearned check.

    Clients have included Harley-Davidson Motorcycles, Teva Neuroscience, Orchard Place (Children's Psychiatric Center), ING, Wells Fargo, Principal Financial Group and other, smaller local organizations.

  • Noteworthy keynote and event speaker.
  • Author of three books: Race Through the Forest: A Project Management Fable, Gust: The "Tale" Wind of Office Politics, SWAT - Seize the Accomplishment as well as numerous professional articles.


Passion and Balance. Passion for what works. Passion for creativity. Passion for accomplishment. Passion for solid leadership. Balance among my family, my faith, and my career.


Indecisive leadership. Inconsistent leadership. Absent leadership. Unrealistic demands. Absence of accountability. Passive-aggression.

Contact Timothy for more information on Carpe Factum services, or to schedule Timothy for your event or project needs.


Kids, Family, Friends, Church, Golf, Bicycling, Canoeing, Writing, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Reading, Music, Movies.

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