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Ten Years and a Day

Tenth_birthdayBlogging isn't something I do a lot these days.

Ten years ago yesterday, I wrote my first post. I can't believe an entire decade has passed.

Ten years ago, I had a kindergartner and a toddler (today they are a high school sophomore and a fifth grader).

Ten years ago, I was not in a good place career-wise, and now I am highly content with where I am and my projects.

Ten years ago, I was an SUV driver exclusively; now I'm on my second sedan.

Ten years ago, we were living in a different house and going to a different church.

Ten years ago, the world hadn't even heard of a fictional place called Downton Abbey.

But some things haven't changed.

I still love to write.

I still own a Shih Tzu (version 2.0).

I still adjunct at my alma mater.

I'm still curious about my surroundings.

Will I keep blogging? Sure, when the Spirit moves me. My friend, Patti Digh, recently put me through my own little writing boot camp. Her feedback proved invaluable to my decision to put fingers to keyboard once again. There's a lot out there affecting accomplishment... and projects... and creativity... and office politics... and life.

Will people disagree with me? Heavens, yes! Civility has gone out the window as a certain candidate has proven again and again. Am I going to try to be civil anyway? Yes.

So a belated happy birthday to carpefactum.com

Let's see what another decade can do.


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