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Polar Vortex

Polar_vortexBaby, it's cold outside.

Yes, right now in the Upper Plains states, we're getting hit with highs in the negative numbers with wind chill factors hovering in the -30 to -60 range. BRRRRR.

I love how the Weather Channel and other news sources have dubbed this a Polar Vortex (as opposed to the most generic "cold snap" or "arctic blast" we usually get). After all, it sounds so much cooler (pun intended) to say we've been hit with a polar vortex. We forget cold snaps; we remember polar vortexes. An arctic blast is a dime a dozen; a polar vortex is unique.

In 2014, you'll be naming more than a few accomplishments. In so doing, you will be creating an effective brand for each project. Here is a link describing a great process for naming your project.

Even though I love using acronyms for evil purposes to suit my own entertainment needs, I strongly recommend avoiding them for a project which is on shaky ground with your organizational stakeholders. The last thing you want to do is give them any more fodder for mockery.

Hope your year warms up for some amazing accomplishments!


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