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It's Hard To Be Five

Five Having had two daughters who have passed this major milestone, I enjoyed Jamie Lee Curtis' children's book about the transitional age of five.  It seems a lot happens to the average five-year-old.  In Curtis' words:

It's hard to be five.
Just yelled at my brother.
My mind says do one thing.
My mouth says another.

It's fun to be five!
Big changes are here!
My body's my car,
and I'm licensed to steer.

Well, today is another fifth birthday:  Carpe Factum Blog is now officially five years old today. It seems hard to believe I've spent five years of my life writing all of these random thoughts, and you all keep coming back to read them.

While the past few months have been challenging my blogging discipline, you can rest assured this "five year old" is cooking up new thoughts and insights. There will be plenty of posts coming soon to help you "seize the accomplishment."  And while it may be hard to be five, we're going to have a lot of fun in the next year also.

Thank you for your readership!



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Phil Gerbyshak

5? You certainly don't act 5 Tim! Congratulations my friend. Here's to 5 or 55 more!

Gayle Welter

Congrats on turning 5, Tim! I love to read your ramblings - always good stuff to make me go "Hmmmm ..." Keep up the great work!

Delaney Kirk

It's fun to be five! Happy anniversary and keep blogging!.

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