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A is for Accelerator

Bobprosen My friend, Bob Prosen, is at it again. He's devised a great small business leadership program which will accelerate your small business into the stratosphere!  How do I know?  Well, I've been friends with Bob for years, read his book, talked with him numerous times, and used several of his concepts myself.

Now he's created a training program that is sure to help you.  So if your small business has stalled out, and you're looking to turn things around now that the economy appears to be picking back up, Bob is the teacher I'd recommend. He will show you things like prospecting intelligently for new clients, measuring the RIGHT things for results, handling difficult employees (and other people), and about any other challenge you can throw at him.

I'm excited he's doing this.  Bob is full of passion to help business leaders succeed.  I think you'll be equally amazed at the things you can learn.  Things like how to rapidly increase performance and profit in your business... things like exact strategies that it takes to grow your sales, improve your leadership effectiveness and accountability, decrease employee turnover and increase your profits regardless of economic conditions.

Well, Bob is going to show you exactly how you can do this through some amazing actionable advice and training that you can implement into your small business immediately. 

I got permission from Bob to invite a the readers of my blog to view this special training series (He usually charges $10,000 for this type of thing, but he wants some feedback on the program.) 

To get access to this training just visit this page: 


You won't believe the step-by-step detail Bob put into this video -- as well as 3 others in this series.

I think he's giving away way too much for nothing, but he told me he just wants you to be able to go out and implement these strategies in your own business immediately.

In this free webinar Bob will personally teach you:

1 -- To set the “right” objectives for the three most important parts of your business

2 -- The most important business metrics that will enable you to achieve your objectives

3 -- How to evaluate your personal leadership effectiveness – Do you have what it takes to lead your organization to achieve extraordinary profitability

Again, just visit this page to view the video training (you can even download it to watch later): 


After watching the training make sure you get on Bob's priority list to be notified when his breakthrough Small Business Accelerator program becomes available.

That's it, hope you enjoy the training!

(P.S. You guys know I never go all sales-y on you unless I truly believe in something... just like I never do a book review unless I really believe in the book. This guy is for real and so is the opportunity to add some real business value in 2011!)


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