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Brother, Can You Spare Some Change?

Congratulations, Republicans, on your big win yesterday.  The voters really sent a message to Washington.  But just to be clear, it's not necessarily the message you think.  Two and four years ago, a message was sent also.  Americans were weary of the Bush-Cheney Iraq fetish.  They wanted a President and a Congress who were going to fix things here at home.  Our economy tanked, and it seemed nobody cared.  So the voters let Democrats have a shot... in a big way.  Two years ago, Democrats had the White House AND a filibuster-proof Senate AND an overwhelming majority in the House.  The agenda was theirs for the taking.

Conflict_Response Unfortunately, it wasn't the agenda that a majority of voters wanted.

Health care?

Cap and trade?


Um... no.

So the voters have sent another message, but this message isn't so much about ideological or political stances.  This message is one of accomplishment... or potential accomplishment.  So let me spell it out for the 112th Congress:  Work TOGETHER and get something done.

We who fill in our voting bubbles and pull levers really don't care who gets credit.  We want to see you identify problems and solve problems.




National Security.

Come on, people.... FOCUS!

But, in all fairness, you're Washington Insiders, so maybe nobody has ever taught you how to play well in the sandbox with each other.  So here's some assistance from Frameworks 4 Learning.  This is the conflict response model.  You've all been in competition and compromise mode for so long, you may not have realized there is a different way.  It's called COLLABORATION, but it requires a different mindset than you've used before.  Instead of "me vs. you" or "Democrat vs. Republican" you'll have to at least pretend you're both on the same team, and that the PROBLEM IS THE ENEMY.

Am I naive to think that Congress can "Carpe Factum"?  Perhaps.  But somewhere tucked away, there's a little bit of idealism in me that says U.S. Government still works.  You in Congress no longer have the luxury of games.  The clock is ticking on the economy and our crushing national debt (how's your Chinese, folks?).  The clock is ticking on the environment.  The clock is ticking on educational reform. Tick-tock-tick-tock. Can you work together?  

Let's hope so... two years can go by very quickly.


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Andrew B. Clark

Hey Tim.

Great post. It IS a matter of focus and trying to take a stance for the people. In lieu of furthering a personal or partisan agenda, maybe it would be a good idea to listen to your constituents (and others?) to move the country back to the great place it once was.

Being a political novice (at 43?) I see how playground politics affect the vote. I see how disinformation creates mistrust. I see how lack of empathy and compassion creates a divide that has torn our country apart. But it can be fixed...

Can this congress achieve what your asking? In faith and with HIGH hopes I'll say "yes." But will they?

Thanks for the post, this morning. You always put a great perspective on teamwork and leadership. You're a treasure.

Keep Cooking!
Andrew B. Clark
The Brand Chef

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