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You! With the Thoughts! Slooowly Step Away From the Blog!

Step_away  My computer has been on the blink for the past couple of weeks.  Technical mumbo-jumbo.  At first I thought it was malware.  Then we thought the 2/3 of the RAM was kaputz.  Finally we figured out it was a hard drive problem.  Lenovo gave a startlingly fast turnaround time once the problem was diagnosed.

It's back in full working order now, and I'm very grateful for that.  It's hard being away from someone you love.  To be honest, blogging on another computer almost feels like cheating, so I've given myself a bit of a sabbatical.  Instead of writing, I've been doing more "listening" in the blogosphere.  No commenting... I just felt like lurking in the shadows of other people's thoughts.  And it's been really intriguing.

I learned about Patti Digh's friend, Celeste, who passed away recently, and how cool of a woman she was and the legacy she left on a lifetime of friends.

From Drew McLellan, I found out about Dawn dishsoap and how their brand message has a powerful impact on the disastrous BP oil spill.

Chuck Raasch of Gannett News told me that - rather than Republicans or Democrats - women were the big winners in last Tuesday's primaries... and why.

Because my colleagues and I recently discussed this issue, I read with interest Glen Alleman's short post about status reporting frequency and the one question we project managers should ask.

Canyon Girl caught my attention with Henry David Thoreau and the importance of paying deliberate attention to my surroundings and not taking things for granted.

My good friend, Pete Jones, shares my philosophy about avoiding chain restaurants.  I'll be eating at Pagliai's Pizza soon because of his recommendation.

Central College Professor Jann Freed gave a fitting tribute to coach John Wooden.  Jann totally nailed it, and her words inspired me.  I hope some day I can leave that kind of legacy.

There were some other blogs and posts and news stories I read on various sites whenever I could oust my wife or child from their computers, but I just wanted to share with you that some times it's OK to put down your own blog and take a little thought-romp in others' blogospheric back lots.


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