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Yacht-A Yacht-A Yacht-A

Yacht_hayward  So Tony Hayward wants his "life back."

So the pressures of cleaning up BP's disastrous oil spill is too much for him to handle.

So he goes to a prestigious yacht race to cheer on ol' Bob (the name of his yacht).

Big deal... who cares?

Um... well... it would appear... A LOT OF PEOPLE.

On office politics, appearances mean everything.  Arms crossed.  Disengaging in a meeting.  Going to lunch with somebody.  Leaving early.  Arriving late.  Laughing at a joke.  People are paying attention to what you do.  For some of you, you may not care what other people think.  (For the most part, I'm right there with you.)  But, like it or not, we do have to be concerned about perceptions.  If they go unchecked, perceptions can become fact.  And facts can ruin careers.

You don't have to be obsessing about others' opinions every minute of every day.  All I'm saying is to watch out for the ammo you give their perception arsenal.


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Jade Handy

So true, Tim, so true. Who are these people that truely don't care what people think? Outcasts. That's who. Saying you don't care what people think is mere posturing. And, a Catch 22. Saying it collapses it through the mere fact of saying it. BTW - nice short post. I need to work on this, myself. (#epanalepsis #hypophora #mindreading #autophasia #chiasmus #parenthesis #compliment)

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