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I'm done.

It's been a good ride over the last four years of social media.  At first, it was cute and fuzzy.  "Look everybody! I have a blog!"  Then it grew to integral.  I made contacts.  I landed some gigs.  My books got attention.  Then it became arduous.  "Sheesh - another blog post?  What else can I possibly say?"

Now it's just annoying.

Because I live out the philosophy of "If you're not having fun, you're not doing it right" it's time for me to practice what I preach.

So I'm ending it.

Thanks for your support and readership over the past four years.

And for those of you gasping with your eyes bulging and your jaw dropping over this news, you'll get over it.  Tomorrow is another day.  Namely, it's no longer April Fools' Day.



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Pete Jones

Nice one Tim...I immediately went back to the discussion we had in class...the one where you said your wife mentioned how relaxed and happy you were once you started Blogging. With those thoughts in mind, I had a pretty good feeling you were pulling my leg.


OMG... Come on now Tim, that was not funny. Remember you do have some readers that are from the Baby Boomer generation that might not have made it to the end of your blog entry, with such news...

Jade Handy

At least I wasn't the only person on social media with a sense of April Fool's humor. I tweeted "This Twitter thing is a joke, people who use it are a joke, and that`s no joke. I`m done with it." Then, six minutes later, no response. None. I was going to wait all day, but caved. I then tweeted "April Fools! Just an April Fools #repeater" Oh well...

Janet/Corn Dog

Good God, I'm gullible. Bought it hook, line and sinker til the very end!

aaron atkins

hahaha... nice one!

Sandy Renshaw

LOL - since I'm reading this late I knew you were kidding since there are newer posts. Otherwise you would have fooled me! Great post.

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