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Great Minds (Systems) Think Alike

200910A (8) I've met so many amazing people on my blogospheric journey of the past four years.  Two of the smartest guys in the social media sandbox are Eric Brown and John Koetsier.  Great senses of humor AND brains AND articulation make them both amazing individuals.  I feel lucky enough just to be on their radar screen, but to have each of them blog about my latest book on the same day through sheer coincidence is JUST FLIPPIN' AWESOME.

Eric had given me a "heads up" that his review was coming, and he didn't disappoint:

I’ve read quite a few systems thinking books but nothing as entertaining as this.   While this isn’t nearly as comprehensive as Peter Senge’s The Fifth Discipline: The Art & Practice of The Learning Organization, Timothy Johnson’s put together a great little book that can help to introduce the systems thinking concepts quickly and easily.

But then John does his Olympic detox (yeah, he's been knee-deep in the Olympics the past two weeks up in his home in Vancouver) by choosing to write about my book.  How utterly cool is that?

Systems thinking is not natural for most people. In today’s complex business processes, inputs and outputs are widely separated in space and time … often by continents and months, if not years. So inefficiency and worse, ineffectiveness are hard to spot and harder to fix.... 

Since systems aren’t things and can’t easily be visualized, it helps when SWAT makes the system come alive. Embedding the information in an engaging story is something that makes the teaching transparent and the learning effortless. Plus, the book is brief and to the point: perfect for busy people.

Thanks to both of you!  You both gave my workweek the needed inputs to start on a high note!


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John Koetsier

Thanks for the shout-out, Tim. Really enjoyed this book and looking forward to the next one :-)

Eric D. Brown

Thanks for pointing the review Tim. Loved the book and I'm happy to tell more people about it.

Like John, I'm ready for your next book :)

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