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Screw Recession... Is Your Company Ready For Recovery?

Economic_recovery The past 2-3 years have been spent fretting.  People have been worried about their jobs, about their companies, about their stability.  Business owners have sweat bullets every night, wondering if tomorrow would be the day they had to shut the doors for good.  Many have continued to do business in good faith, even with the evil thumb of fate hanging immediately over them... waiting to squish them like an insignificant bug.

Other companies have managed to ride out the storm, but they've not played nicely in the corporate karma sandbox.  They've taken advantage of suppliers and contractors.  They've oppressed employees.  They've screwed over customers.  Here in Central Iowa, there are a couple of companies who have low-balled project management consulting rates to insulting levels.  Why?  Because they know supply outstrips demand.  There are companies who have all but expressed they don't care if they lose a customer... there will be another to take their place.


Recovery is coming.  The economy is showing some signs of rebound.  While it may not happen tomorrow, companies are looking like they'll be hiring, doing more projects, and expanding their businesses... it's a cautious recovery, but it's a recovery all the same.  And what's going to happen when all of these "you done me wrong" vibes come to light?

Jeannine Aversa wrote a great piece today that job satisfaction is at an all-time low.  It's harboring ill-will, impacting teamwork, and undermining culture.  I've been fortunate to work for clients who have risen above the pettiness and have been great.  I have also had the luxury of recognizing the other end of the spectrum and be able to politely decline my services.  Some of my local colleagues have not been so fortunate.

Is your company ready to compete in a stronger workplace?  How do your employees really feel about you?  Are your suppliers and customers loyal to you through thick and thin?  If the responses to these questions are not all that positive, recession survival may be the least of your worries.  Your system's feedback loop is about to catch up with you during the recovery.


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Pete Jones

Great points Timothy. Companies cut salaries, held back pay increases, and bonuses, now it it time to see how those strategies played out. If those companies' decisions were transparency and the culture in mind, I bet they will fall into the category many of your clients have. It will be interesting to see how long that others last.

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