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How Binary Of Me

SWAT Background 01.10.10 (Hey, that's today)


It seems like a lifetime ago when I wrote my first post about my experience with the SWAT team.  Who knew so much of that would find its way into these pages?  (OK, well, I did.)

Got some great reviews starting to come in on SWAT, so you can see what others are saying.  Brett Trout, Franke James, and Tim Milburn have already posted reviews, as well as what Robert Stanke wrote last month.  Thanks to each of them for getting the word out.  One of Tim's comments especially hit on what I love to see from my readers: "I read it in one sitting. But I've been thinking about it all day."  I've heard that comment from a couple of other people, and I'm hoping that this book really flash-bangs your thinking into some new paradigms.  This is a book that I hope will "haunt and taunt" you long after you've read it.

This week, I'll be writing posts about what you'll find inside the cover of SWAT, some of the characters and how they evolved, and what you as a professional will take away from reading this book.

So get your game on... it's flash-bang time!


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