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Hope Floats

Hope_ministries "When you learn from the experiences of others, you compress time." -David J. Burrier, Chief Development and Community Relations Officer, Hope Ministries

I really enjoy my project management MBA class at Drake.  It's not just because we learn all of the standard project management life cycle phases (which we do).  It's not just because we get a grip on the different roles involved in a project or that we cover some interesting real life project experiences (which we also do.

No, I think the reason I really like this class is that I get to feel like a not-for-profit Santa Claus.  Those who have read this blog for a while know the final project:  work with a local charitable organization within the community.  In the past, my classes have worked with United Way of Central Iowa, Blank Park Zoo, and many other worthwhile organizations.

This fall is no different.  We have the pleasure of working with the Thrift Store from Hope Ministries, a great organization serving the homeless in Central Iowa.  They operate completely without any government funding (and therefore without any government interference).  They are passionate and compassionate, caring and sharing.  They have some very cool business challenges for my students, and the next twelve weeks will be an eye-opening education in the world of project management... and community.

Stay tuned!


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