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Aw... Nothin' Much

Bear_hammock I just came from the Central Iowa Bloggers' gathering at Panera, and I had a few people ask me what I've been up to recently and how my summer looks.  My standard answer was that I wasn't up to much, which I suppose (in my world) is accurate.

But since people are asking, here is a smattering of things happening:

  • Got a great write-up from marketing guru Chris Abraham on my third book (SWAT).  We finally have a release date: January 10, 2010.  Now that life is calming down on many other fronts, can complete all of the editing and formatting and advance praise collection and final cover design stuff, so we can obtain printed copies by next month.  Chris was very kind with his praise, and I appreciated his taking the time to read it.

  • Wrote an article for Modern Analyst (awesome website on business analysis stuff) on how business analysts can deal with office politics.  Adrian Marchis runs an amazing site with all kinds of useful information for the business analyst crowd.

  • Was a contributing author for Franke James' new book on office politics, Dear Office Politics:  the game everyone plays.  If you've not checked out her site before, you really should.  There are new office politics situations being posted from every industry from all over the globe.  Chances are good you will see a familiar experience there.  The cool thing about the book is you get both a book and a game, so you can discuss office politics with your colleagues and learn how each other deals with various situations.

  • Was a contributing author for How Business Gets Done:  Words of Wisdom by Central Iowa Experts.  I authored the project management chapter.  The book was compiled by the Business Innovation Zone and should be released soon.

  • Will be offering a webinar through The Project Management Bookstore on office politics on June 24.  This crowd has been great, and I look forward to working with them on this.  There are 1,000 seats available, and they assure me they almost always fill up every seat for their Author series webinars.

So those are just a few things keeping me occupied and out of trouble this summer... since you asked.  For a guy whose mantra is to "seize the accomplishment" it's a pretty light schedule.


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