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It's Dirty, Loud, and Dangerous... and I Love It!

INola-fq 'm visiting New Orleans for the third time in my speaking career.  It's great to keep coming back and rekindling the wonderful friendships I've made.  And they keep challenging me to come up with new material.

Another cool part about visiting this city is seeing the French Quarter.  It almost has a Jekyll-Hyde quality about it.  During the day it's quiet and charming and historically seductive (I'll let you interpret what I mean by that).  By night, it's boisterous and raucous and raunchy and obnoxious.  And really, no two excursions to the French Quarter, by day or by night, are the same.

So why is this relatively unassuming small-town Iowa boy constantly drawn to the modern equivalent of Sodom and Gomorrah?  That's easy.  Mystery.  I just don't know which French Quarter is going to show up.  She keeps me guessing all the time, and there's a part of this overly-structured type A hard-driver that likes to be kept guessing.  It keeps me humble and reminds me I don't have all the answers and don't always know what to expect.  In a way, the French Quarter forces me to be off-balance when I'm in her territory.

So what about you?  Are you allowing yourself to be off-balance?  To be kept guessing?  Who are those people in your life who throw you curve balls?  Who keep you out of control?  Do you embrace them or run from them?  Granted, life is not meant to be a constant surfing contest, but the occasion experience outside your normal comfort zone is healthy.  What can you do to expand yourself into unknown territory?


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Dirty, loud, and dangerous is right, but I'm glad you find my former hometown enjoyable.

Crysta Wille

What nothing of the Milwaukee trip or an insight it triggered for you?

Timothy Johnson

Samantha - I always have pleasant memories whenever adventure abounds.

Crysta - Milwaukee was more of an introspective trip... but I did get to spend some wonderful time with Phil Gerbyshak

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