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Wow - I Just Can't Wait!!!

Idea_faucet It's almost here!  I can feel it coming... closer... closer.

This weekend, my Drake University Creativity for Business students will be presenting their final projects.  As you may remember, I don't believe in doing some boring ol' research project; my students are teamed up with actual small businesses and special organizations to apply what they've learned with those who don't have the budgets for big-dollar consultants.  It's a real win-win.

This spring, it's been fun to have Impromptu Studio, Iowa Arts Council, Down Under Bar & Grill, and Sweet Binney's (home of THE BEST croissant ever... period).  Lots of cool ideas this weekend...

And still...

I'm a little nostalgic to see this batch of students go.  The past two years, there have been some AMAZING students going through Drake's graduate programs.  While I'm sure there are other great students on the horizon, I've seen some outstanding young minds who will be changing the world for the better.  I've just felt fortunate to get to know this collection of incredible professionals.


As I've learned with my students, it's never really good-bye.  Either way, it's going to be a great weekend.


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Pete Jones - Desmoinesisnotboring

Tim -- You bring the best out of all of your classes because you do things just a little differently, and that is very well received. Your creativity in teaching the topic, whether it be Leadership - Project Management - or Creativity, is what leads your students to open up their brains and truly put the effort forth to change the world.

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