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Dangling the Carrot of the Status Quo


Infamous line, isn't it?  Yet often, it is accepted as gospel and nobody bothers to figure out how long "always" is, or who "we" are, or exactly what the rationale of "that way" is.

Let's take our friend the carrot.  We just assume that it's always been orange.  These new-fangled colored carrots like purple and white are just a fad.  Not so, my vegetative chum.  Orange carrots were only popularized when William from the House of Orange assumed the British throne in 1689.  Before then, carrots were white and purple and ... well, you get the idea.

The bottom line:  we have NOT always done it that way.  People have just assumed as much over a long period of time.  The next time somebody throws out that line in a meeting, start asking them questions about when "that way" was started, who started it, why it was started, why it's been perpetuated, and who is accountable for maintaining the status quo and standing in the way of change.  If that doesn't work, feed them a carrot (preferably not orange).


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Pete Jones - Desmoinesisnotboring

Oh, how easy it is to fall in line and adopt the philosophy of your post. Always doing it that way is boring and never questions the status quo. Great post oh wise one!

Laurie | Express Yourself to Success

I find that asking 'why it was started' and discussing how that fits into the present situation helps people make the connection rather quickly. However, even after realizing that maintaining the status quo isn't the best approach, getting some to change the 'way' can still be challenging. Possible, but challenging.

Timothy Johnson

Pete and Laurie - asking WHY ... again and again and again ... is so critical to overcoming others' love affair with the status quo. Excellent commentary.

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