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Is It Halloween Yet?

200902 Class Costume Picture It's that time of year again.  One of the favorite parts of my Drake Creativity class is the costume assignment.  Those who have read this blog for a while remember some of the bizarre combinations of my students and the odd costumes I've chosen.  This year, I opted to be a cat burglar (don't tell my law enforcement friends).  The choice was obvious for me:  I get to ransack my students' psyches, pilfer their paradigms, and steal their sacred cows.  However, my costume choice couldn't hold a candle to my students.  From Jane Jetson to Carol Burnett, from Phoebe of Friends (who could lead an entire class in her rendition of the song "Smelly Cat") to Hulk Hogan, from Transformers to Where's Waldo (I miss the 80's), it was highly amusing all around.  I had to laugh that my two resident I.T. guys both came dressed as Trekkies.

Some people ask me why I do this to my students year after year (other than for my own nefarious entertainment).  It's pretty simple.  Think back to when you were a kid right before Halloween.  You were excited that you could be ANYTHING; the possibilities were endless.  We lose that sense of wonder and curiosity as adults, so in a class on creativity, I try to restore that feeling.  Some day, Roger von Oech is going to take exception with the fact that I make my students relate their costumes to his four creative roles of explorer, artist, judge, or warrior.  Their creative juices go into overdrive with this assignment.  (Actually, I'm sure he wishes he could come to class and participate... maybe some day.)

So is it Halloween yet?


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Tim - I heard Phoebe got third place! I wanted to come to your class, but had to go out of town. I will ask Jill for a personal "Smelly Cat" song some night over many cocktails!


I am jealous! All we got to do in your class was decide how we were going to change the world. I guess we could have dressed up for that presentation, but I guess I lacked the creativity.

Timothy Johnson

Julie - a great time was had by all, and yes, Jill makes an excellent Phoebe... nothing like 30 people singing "Smelly Cat" in a graduate course.

Pete - you missed out, buddy... you should have taken the Creativity class. Then you could have dressed in costume AND changed the world.

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