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Aardvarks and Jump Drives and Creativity... Oh My!

Aardvark My friend, Mark Yontz (freelance writer and editor extraordinaire) sent me this picture of a baby aardvark the other day with the comment, "You do such a good job of tying pics with words and telling a story, so I thought I'd challenge you to see if you could do something with an image of a baby aardvark."

Hmmm... the blogospheric equivalent of a Bobby Flay Throwdown.

I looked at the homely little critter carefully and decided that elephants and kangaroos should never be allowed to mate.  Elephants... big ears... big trunk... long memory.  Kangaroos... pouches... Australia... jumping.  Memory... jumping... and my brain started thinking about jump drives (which have been in my thoughts a lot with transferring from my old laptop to my new laptop).  That is quite a mental leap to get from an ugly little critter to a piece of technology; however, that's how creativity works... really nothing more difficult than firing up the synapses to connect ideas.

JumpDrive I'm about to start teaching my Creativity for Business MBA course at Drake this coming weekend.  I'm inheriting 31 people who may or may not believe in the power of creativity... of using their own imagination to come up with new ideas based on whatever they're dealt.  Many people are being dealt rotten hands right now because of the economy.  A lot are wallowing in their present circumstances.  The creative ones are wondering how they can use their own "ugly aardvark picture" to think about and obtain something useful.

As we start a new week full of historic events and lots of promise, how can you use your ugly aardvark to create something fantastic?

(Thanks, Mark, for the creative challenge.  I hope I lived up to your expectations.)


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