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A Trunk Monkey For Christmas

I'll bet after watching this ad, there will be a lot of last-minute requests for trunk monkeys.  It seems to be a cure-all for society's ills.  We tend to do that a lot in business:  look for the silver bullet.

Sigh... if only...

Each risk in life (or projects or business) has a pre-disposed response.  Depending on how much probability and impact there is for each risk, there are different responses you can take:

  • Accept the risk - that's right, boys and girls, do nothing.  You'll take this approach when the risk isn't that big of an impact to your project, so you really don't care if the risk occurs.  You'll also use this if the other two approaches are too expensive or time-consuming to implement.  Just suck it up, and deal with it, bucko.

  • Avoid the risk - if the risk's impact to the project is so bad you can't bear to think of it, then this may be your best course of action.  This approach generally involves the more drastic measures, like replacing a risky vendor or firing a non-performing team member.  Whatever it costs, you will not let this risk event occur.

  • Mitigate the risk - develop an appropriate "plan b" response to the risk, to be implemented if the risk does indeed occur.  This may involve insurance or warranties, multi-sourcing with vendors, or cross-training your project staff to pick up the slack.  You're just keeping it tucked in your back pocket until you need it.

Either way, projects and life require their own kind of trunk monkey.  The trick for you is sorting out which is needed and when.  That's just one way to keep on track to seize the accomplishment.


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A trunk Monkey is otherwise known as the positive thinker or problem solver in all of us. We can have our own trunk money that we carry with us in our luggage at no extra weight. It actually carries allot of weight for us.

Its called positive thinking and mental clarity


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