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I'd Like To Thank The Academy...

Bloggers_choice_awards_iconMy friend, Adam, likes to be right.  And for good reason.  He's a very sharp executive who knows the IT arena inside and out.  Plus he has a gregarious personality that would put almost anybody at ease.  And he's a very critical analytical thinker who can easily sum up both sides of an argument before making his decision.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well, Adam has nominated this blog in two categories for the Bloggers Choice Awards '09.  And since he likes to be right (and he generally is, from the short time I've known him), I think we should all just cut to the chase and take his side of the argument and cast your votes for my blog.  When you get to the site, just enter "carpefactum.typepad.com" in the search field, log in, and cast your votes.

Then Adam can be right.  And we'll all sleep better.

And for my friends in Chicago, vote early and often.  I accept votes from deceased bloggers as well.


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