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Wordless Wednesday: Floods of 2008



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Tyler, The Wealth Creation Guy

Incredible. I am really wondering how high the water will get.

I hate it when Grays Lake is closed.. I LOVE getting out there and walking around.

Hopefully everyone is safe!

Timothy Johnson

Hi Tyler - yeah... it's pretty amazing to watch. I was down in the East Village this morning and the Des Moines River is at its banks (and not expected to crest for 2-3 more days).

CJ Wille

I just saw the pics up on CNN and flew to the site to check on you. Do you need anything? Are you and your family safe?

Delaney Kirk

Wow. In July 1993 I was in the same spot sandbagging to try and protect the Des Moines water supply....

Timothy Johnson

Crysta - I'm high and dry personally, but thanks for asking. It sounds like our neighbors to the east in Iowa City and Cedar Rapids didn't fare as well.

Delaney - time flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? Good thing we only have a "500 year flood" every 15 years or I'd lose count.

To all - thanks for the "flood" of emails expressing your concern. I've been highly impressed with the City of Des Moines and its ability to respond quickly to this year's challenges.

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