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The Philosophy of Play-Doh and Sock-Rat-Tease

Sock_rat_tease_play_doh_2A while back, my whole family found itself at home for the day.  Instead of wondering what to do, where to go, what to see, whom to invite, we decided to stay home for the afternoon and make sock puppets.  And we had a blast doing it.  It was fun just to share some creative time with the kids.  I made a sock rat puppet and chased the kids around with it, making us all giggle hysterically.  Now that summer is here, we've had them playing with Play-Doh as well as other creative endeavors, like reading and drawing and playing outdoors.

Today is Fathers' Day, and one of the best gifts my dad left me was encouragement to use my imagination.  It's also the gift I want to leave with my children.  The next video game will be obsolete in months.  TV (even educational TV) is pretty much all reruns.  Dads, our kids really just want TIME with us.  They want to watch us having fun WITH them.  Many of the other fathers I know are great at the day-to-day hands on stuff, and their relationship with their children shows it.

To all the other dads out there, have a great day.  As a friend of mine once said, a one-night stand can make any guy a father; it's the relationship that makes him a daddy.  Enjoy your kids, and let them enjoy you.


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Ms. Admin

One night stands are sperm donors. Being a father OR a daddy is when the rubber meets the road.

One of the many things I hear my dad saying is, "A child without an imagination grows up to be a boring adult." I believe (she said tongue in cheek) it's safe to say that neither of our fathers produced boring adults.

Timothy Johnson

Great commentary. Thanks for sharing.

And yes, I would have to agree with you on the "boring adult" comment. We've both been accused of being many things... boring is never one of them.

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