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Y'all Come Back Now, Ya Hear?

Beverly_hillbilliesTwo blogs down, two to go.  OK, nothing like that, but two of the four blogs for whom I write either have ended or will end soon.  A while back, I mentioned I was going to be writing for processgeek.com for Troy Worman.  I exchanged emails with Troy last week about that website's demise.  It appears as though Iowabiz.com is coming to an end as well (change in strategy of our corporate sponsor).  Again, not surprising.  For Iowabiz, I'm actually going to be "recycling" many of my posts over here.  The readership on Iowabiz never really attained the same level as my readership, and (quite frankly) I wrote some pretty good stuff on project management over there, and I'd like to ensure it lives on somewhere.

In the process of "harvesting" my posts and migrating them from Iowabiz over to draft form in Carpe Factum for future publication, I started thinking about some of my own older work here on this site.  Posts I wrote months ago that were also "pretty good stuff" but never seemed to get much traction.  So I'm proposing a blogospheric recycling meme (besides, it's been a while since somebody did one of those annoying meme posts).

The question is this:  If I could select my top 5-10 posts which received little to no attention, what would they be?  So here are my top 10 never-been-commented-on-but-should-have blog posts (in no particular order):

  1. Naming Conventions Gone Awry
  2. Who Wrote That Autobiography Anyway?
  3. Some Assembly Required... Or Else!
  4. Is Your Rule Breaker Like Herbie or Christine?
  5. What's Your Happy Fun Ball?
  6. Multi-taskers: Take a Licking
  7. Sure, It's a Pile
  8. Friends, Romans, Countrymen:  Lend Me Your Rears
  9. Racing Against Phantoms
  10. Project Hokey-Pokey

So, I now tag Tammy Lenski, Chris Brown, Liz Strauss, Scot Herrick, and Phil Gerbyshak... what are your most under-appreciated posts?


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Liz Strauss

I'm going to save this one until I get back from the UK. I leave tomorrow and I'm just swamped. But it's a delicious idea!!

Thank you, Tim!

Brad Shorr

Don't know which I like better, your idea for this post or the photo. Your posts definitely did not go uncommented upon because of their titles - each one sounds intriguing.

Chris Brown

Thanks for the inspiration Tim!

I started to write the answer to this post... but somehow it inspired a post about sustainability where I found the coolest turtle video on Flickr.

I'm saving this one for tomorrow. Usually have more time on Saturday morning.


It's like by one, get 10 free. I shall save this for Saturday and look forward to reading them, Tim.

Timothy L Johnson

Liz - yours will be worth the wait, I'm sure

Brad - thanks - photos and titles are part of our blog brands, right? Feel free to play along, even though I didn't tag you.

Chris - I can't wait to see what you come up with (although I find it hard to believe that any of your posts are ever neglected)

Crysta - Happy Reading!

Tammy Lenski

Tim, I particularly enjoyed "Project Hokey Pokey" (even hummed along) and "Sure, It's a Pile..." Good recycling!

Thanks for the tag and here's my contribution to the meme:


Brad Shorr

Tim, I did play along and it turned out to be a lot of fun for a few of my readers, sparked some good conversation, and even inspired one person (Robert Hruzek) to write a 2-part post. Many thanks for the fantastic idea.

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