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SOBCon08: Final Photo Mash-Up

Here are the final pictures from the conference this weekend.  Say what you want about blogging, it all boils down to people.


Dawud Miracle is one of the nicest guys on the blogosphere... and was born into a super-cool name that just destined him for greatness.

JoannaJoanna Young came all the way from Scotland... it was definitely "worth the trip" for all of us to meet her in person.

Stephen_tom_timStephen Smith AND Thomas Clifford in one picture!  Solar Powered Blogging Machines!!!  (Too bad we couldn't get Adam Kayce and Sim Margolis in the photo, also.)

Tammie_chrisTammy Lenski and Chris Brown are two very bright and extremely pleasant ladies.  It's been an honor to get to know them over the past several months.  Time spent on their blogs is time well spent.  (And Tammy had a black-and-white Shih-Tzu also!)

Tim_starbuckerStarbucker!  DUDE!

Wendy_timWendy Piersall gives the best hugs of anybody.  I have about 362 days of withdrawal.

SlideSummarizes what we bloggers are really all about.  Why we do what we do.  Why we come together to encourage each other and learn from each other.

Thanks, everybody, for an awe-inspiring weekend!!


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Tammy Lenski

Hey there, Timothy! Always love following your blog, too. Thanks for the link love.

I was telling my husband about Zorro. Any chance you have a photo you'd be willing to email me?

Joanna Young

It was great to meet you and thanks for the photo collage here - helping me with the withdrawal symptoms. I'm looking forward to reading your book once my brain comes back to life... might take a few days or so!


Claire Celsi

Tim, I'm glad that you had a good time. Were you the only Iowa blogger this year?



J. Erik Potter

That Coolidge quote is already up in my cubicle. Further inspiration to get the heck out of it!

Timothy Johnson

@Tammy - glad you found the Zorro post... any shih-tzu fan has to be a great person

@Joanna - hope you get past the jet lag quickly. It was such a pleasure and honor to meet you.

@Claire - Sandy Renshaw was there with her husband, and I brought two of my grad students with me, so five of us in all

@Stephen - well said, baby brother

@Erik - that quote was a highlight of my weekend

Adam Kayce

I had to leave early Sunday morning, so I missed the quote - it's perfect. Thanks for re-posting it.

And yes, it would've been great to be in that picture with you and the other glabrous bloggers!

Todd Jordan

Tim, good to have met you, however briefly. I'll be spending more time I hear at your blog I imagine now too.

Was a great time at SOBCon, and glad you were there to share.

Dawud Miracle

Great to see you again, my friend. How is it that we let a year go by without staying in touch?

Timothy L Johnson

Not really sure how that happened, Dawud... but I bet we'll do a better job of ensuring it doesn't happen again. Great seeing you last weekend - awesome memories and lessons!

Dawud Miracle

No worries. We'll both do better.

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