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SOBCon08: Anita Bruzesse

Dsc_0076Great kick off for a Saturday morning!  The very talented Anita Bruzesse, nationally syndicated columnist for Gannet News Service and USA Today, presented a powerful reminder for managing online reputation.  Her points were spot-on:

  1. What sources do you use for your information?  Can you guarantee that it's correct?
  2. Who is the source of your information and why are they sharing it?
  3. Is the information credible?  How do you know?
  4. Are you being fair?
  5. How will you respond when you make a mistake?
  6. What will be your response when someone criticizes or attacks you?
  7. What comments will you ban and how will you encourage worthwhile comments?
  8. How will you have an ongoing evaluation of your reputation?
  9. What is your line in the sand?
  10. Will you stand the test of time?  How

All wonderful reminders, Anita!  Thanks for sharing them with us.  We bloggers need to be held to the same standards as other journalists.  (P.S.  Read her book:  45 Things You Do That Drive Your Boss Crazy)


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