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Infrequent Frequency

FrequencyLast week, I talked to my graduate students about finding their frequency.  We were discussing Steve Farber's book, Radical Edge, and the importance of knowing yourself before you can lead others.

I played the Christine Kane song, "What the hell am I doing with my life?" for them.  (By the way, Christine Kane is one of the best story-tellers I've ever met.  If you want an amazing experience, get her live performance CD, A Friday Night in One Lifetime.  You'll enjoy it immensely.  I received a free copy at SOBCon and have been listening to it almost non-stop this month.  Who knew that her songs make such a great graduate teaching tool?!)  Out of a class of 28, there were only two students who were in that sweet spot between expertise and passion in their job.  The others ranged from uneasiness to uncertainly.  I'm guessing a few were experiencing angst, but doing so quietly.

Why?  Why are we allowing ourselves to stay trapped in jobs we hate?  I'm really curious about this.  In the past two semesters of teaching this leadership class, about 25% of my students have initiated a job search because they realized they weren't living their frequency.

What do you want to be when you grow up?  And are you moving in that direction?

Are you doing what you love?  If not, why not?


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Eric Peterson

Is it bad that I've now had multiple classes with you and I'm still not living my frequency?? My excuses are fear (of the unknown) and comfort (of a constant paycheck, of the familiar). But, then again, I am the KING OF EXCUSES (which should be a blog post soon)!

On a side note: I've been absent for a month now! Life (specifically health, family, and spring weather) have interfered with my blogging!! I need a "whack on the side of the head" so I can get back at it!!

I hope all is well with you.

Timothy Johnson

At least, Eric, you're aware of your state and want to do something about it (excuses notwithstanding). A lot of others we know just want to wallow in their perceived security blankets.

Look forward to seeing you at the next blogger breakfast next week.

Steve Farber

Hey Eric. Maybe "King Of Excuses" IS your frequency.

Just a thought...

(I didn't say it was a good thought...)

Eric Peterson

I didn't look at it that way. Maybe you are right. Now my problem is how do I turn a frequency that has a negative connotation (in my mind anyway) into something positive. I don't know if I can be proud of living a frequency of "king of excuses"! I suppose if I'm not happy about it, then I need to change it?!

You have now sent me into the "think tank!" I'm going to have to ponder this for a bit.

Thanks for your insight Steve. I appreciate it.

Steve Farber


I'm pretty sure I was kidding.

Still...if it sends you down a good path...

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