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The Good, The Bad, The Creative

Creative_devil_pope Some of you remember the pink bunny post of last year about this time (others of you, it seems, won't let me forget it).  Well, it's time again for my Drake creativity class to express themselves through costume.  Following Roger von Oech's framework, my students had to dress up and tell how their costume related to the creative roles of the explorer, artist, judge, or warrior (or any combination thereof).

It's always a fun social experiment.  After all, how many graduate profs could get their students to subject themselves willingly to such abject humilitation?  How many people do you know that could get the Pope to hug Satan?  (Funny story about the guy who wore the Pope costume.  It had been raining cats and dogs, coming down in torrents.  The moment he walked in the room in that costume, the sun broke through the clouds.  Whoa.  Spooky.  Also, the papal imposter promised a trip to confession this week.)

Creativity_classAll in all, my students enjoy the experience.  It really allows them to let their hair down (with the exception of the one student who cut his hair off in order to impersonate yours truly).  For many of them, it makes creativity real.  And me?  Well, the bunny costume got a rest this year.  While you can't tell it from the picture, I'm in full SWAT gear in honor of my upcoming book.

So what about you?  If you could dress in any costume that would be express your creative spirit, what would it be?


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Roger von Oech

Glad to see you're still at it (and still having fun!).

Wonderful photo.

Troy Worman

Great pics! Maybe your next book should be called Sustainable Happiness...

Timothy Johnson

@Roger, thanks for keeping the inspiration for this class alive

@Troy, what can I say? I love what I do.

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