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Go Dogs Go

DrakebulldogsbasketballGo Dogs Go!  Handle the ball
Go Dogs Go, you will not fall
Go by post, by zone, from line
Go Dogs Go, you're doing fine

Go Dogs Go, 3-pointers reign
Emmenecker, Houston in the lane
The Valley will not be the same
When they taste Drake Bulldog fame

Go Dogs Go, Drake Bulldog rocks
Driven by Korver and Cox
Go Dogs Go, make Keno proud
Go Dogs Go, Des Moines cheers LOUD

Go Dogs Go, you're doing great
Final Four or Elite Eight
N-C-A-A, the "big dance"
Go Dogs Go, NOW is your chance!

Congratulations to the Drake Men's Basketball team on a stellar season, winning both the regular conference and the Missouri Valley Tournament.  Go Bulldogs!!

(Apologies to PD Eastman)


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Andrew B. Clark

All I have to say is, "WOW!" They really showed poise and professionalism yesterday. That was TRUE teamwork. I'm a believer. GO DAWGS!


Eric Peterson

As an avid college bball fan, it is awesome to see a team that has so much chemistry and teamwork!! It has been fun to watch this team play all year. I can't wait to see how they do in the tournament. In fact, my wife and I are heading to wherever they go to cheer them on!

It's definitely been a magical year for them. It's also neat to see how much national attention Drake University (not just athletics) is receiving because of Adam Emmennecker's hard work in the classroom!

Jeff Hutton

I couldn't agree more with Eric. There's so much emphasis on athletic prowess, I think many Division I schools and some of these student-athletes have forgotten the real purpose of actually attending a college or university. Drake is a great example of students who excel both in the classroom and on the court. Finally, the good guys win! Also, congrats to the ISU women ... they just upset the No. 1 seed in the Big 12 Tourney. I think my alma mater will return to the NCAA tourney, possibly going to Wells Fargo in Des Moines. Go Clones and Dawgs!

Bob McIlree

Great year and congrats...but your boys are in a 5-12 seed game vs. Western Kentucky in the tournament. Hope that one isn't the 5-12 seed upset this year...:)

My guys (Wisconsin) win Big-10 regular season and tournament, and get a 3 seed? The Committee must have been smoking something today, or the Big-10 actually became the Big-4 as far as hoops goes...:)

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