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Super Bull Sunday

BullToday is the day when the two (supposedly) best teams in football match up against each other.  Personally, I'm tired of the Patriots and given their cheating (videotaping their opponents), I don't believe they should even be allowed to play any post-season games as punishment for earlier actions; hence, I'm rooting for the Giants.  But I'm not that big of an NFL fan to expend that much energy one way or another on this issue.  If the Packers, Bears, Vikings, Chiefs, or Colts are playing, I pay a lot more attention.

We're also two days away from Super Tuesday (which I find highly coincidental that it occurs on Mardi Gras).  The candidates are all scrambling, attempting to convince the remaining undecided voters that their camp is the best pony to vote on.  Those of us who have made up our minds on which candidates we like (or dislike) just chuckle amusedly at their feeble attempts to sway us, viewing their arguments as an intellectual pile of manure blowing in the political wind.

Not to be too harsh on the candidates' last ditch efforts, we do this all too often in business.  We wait until it's time to get a business case approved, go into management and present, and then wonder why it gets shot down.  Alistair Bathgate of the Workforce in a Box blog recently quoted an InfoWorld Article by David Linthicum that touched on the whole issue of selling your business case - especially in an economy-softened corporate budget environment.  While the economics of selling your idea has merit, and I don't disagree with either article in the least, one thought to add to both authors is the soft-skills... finding the key decision-makers early and beginning the influencing WELL BEFORE the decision needs to be made... or before they have the chance to make a preliminary decision against you.  Granted, you need to push the Return on Investment numbers and justify why it's a good idea, but you also need to make sure that the executives understand that well in advance of the formal presentation.

So don't wait for Super Bull Sunday to put your Monday Morning Presentation at Risk.  Start influencing and selling your ideas early.


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