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It's Up To You, New York, New York!

IlovenewyorkCarpe Factum meets the Big Apple this week.

Wednesday morning, I will be presenting to the New York City chapter of PMI, and that evening I will be making the same presentation to the Hudson Valley PMI Chapter.  Both events should be equally enjoyable (hopefully for them and for me).

Don't have a lot of time here in NYC, but enough to catch a few of the sights... and a Broadway show tonight - will see David Hyde Pierce perform in Curtains.  That should curtail my craving for the theatre for a while.  After all, since I'm staying on Broadway, it would be criminal not to take in a show.  We'll see what other sightseeing is in my future while I'm here.  As a Midwesterner on my first visit here, I'm trying not to gawk too much; that's really difficult for a chronic people watcher to do.

One of these days I'll figure out how to get a speaking engagement in Southern California or Florida or Hawaii during the winter months.  But so far, New York is pretty cool.


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Tim - best of luck to you in NYC! I visited there in 1982 as a college freshman - I was absolutely in love with that city! Iconic buildings I had heard about my whole life... they really existed! Recently for some reason I got to studying the Google Map of Manhattan Island and the whole NYC area - and really had an urge to go back for another visit. Someday maybe I'll do that... but I'm going to do it in summer ;) Good luck on your presentation! ~ Janet

Mike Wagner

Tim, have a great time and make some super memories.

I've been fortunate to visit NYC many times.

It's more fun than cable! Watching, listening and engaging the people of NYC.

Talk to you when you get back.

Keep creating,

Timothy Johnson

Janet and Mike... thanks for the well wishes... the trip was a great adventure.

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