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Cabin Fever... Ugh

This post is for all of my readers in the northern half of the US, where winter seems to have a death-grip on everybody's spirits with no sign of letting up.

(Those of you in the warmer climates can go and sunburn something.)

OK, I think we can all agree that cabin fever is setting in.  We're all trying to be nice, but even those with whom I've chatted have agreed that spirits are running low and tempers are running high.  Even my police buddies have mentioned that domestic calls have been on the increase recently.

Well, I've decided to focus on what I can do about my mindset rather than what is outside my control (although my proposal to The Almighty to see if He wants to outsource weather to a project manager has not received a denial yet, so there may be hope).  En lieu of being given the keys to the climate, I jumped on i-Tunes and downloaded some songs that make me think warm thoughts.

Here's my "heat my spirits" playlist:


What would you add?


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Delaney Kirk

Nada. It's 75 degrees here today and sunny....


Should be a balmy 6 degrees tomorrow (at least it's above zero) in Twin Cities.

J. Erik Potter

Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash.

Eric Peterson

"We didn't start the fire" - by Billy Joel

Timothy Johnson

I'm calling "open season" on Delaney. By the way, she said that anybody reading this blog post can stay in her guest room. (BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA) Don't mess with a frost-bitten project manager, Delaney

Chrysta - you have my sympathies... we're in the same boat.

Erik and Eric - great suggestions, guys!!


ANYTHING that talks about Mexico!!

Oooh - "It's 5 0'clock Somewhere..."


:) I guess that makes the 11 degrees here a heat wave. I love your playlist and the suggestions so far. Add in Margaritaville for me please!

Timothy Johnson

Amy and Brooke - great input from both of you!

Delaney Kirk

So last night Jim and I had a dinner party out by the pool. For dessert we picked grapefruit off the tree in the back yard and made sorbet...

Is it still snowing in Des Moines?

Beth Peck

Definitely some Beach Boy tunes and Soak Up the Sun by Cheryl Crow.

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