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Jibber Jobber Likes GUST

CoverSpecial thanks to Jason Alba over at Jibber-Jobber for his great review of GUST the other day.  While the "uneasiness" Jason felt while reading the book was not an intended side effect, I am glad he felt the pain of the characters in the book so vividly.  (Jason, I took the worst of my cubicle-dwelling years to create those people... they really do exist.)  In his words, here's how he described his initial impressions:

My first impression as I’m reading this book is “man, this office setting is so draining that there is no way I would work here!” But then I remembered how long I stayed at my draining job. No matter how bad things got (and they got bad), I always thought they would get better.  I think a lot of people put up with bad jobs for a variety of reasons - fear of the job search, is the grass really greener on the other side (pretty sad thought, if all jobs suck as bad as “this one”), worried about tarnishing resume, worried about not returning any loyalty that you felt from your company (training, transfer, etc.), worried about letting your boss or coworkers down (either because you respect them or because of peer pressure), concern about a bad employment market (will I be able to land again), etc.

But he doesn't leave his readers hanging for long as he wraps up the review with some very complimentary accolades:

Timothy L. Johnson does a great job of making my stomach churn, while giving me tool after tool, technique after technique, and arming me to prepare with office politics.

Thanks, Jason, for the awesome review.  While Andy Sernovitz didn't write a review, he was kind enough to send me an email the other day with a "well done" on the book... always appreciated from a talented guy like him.

Check out both Jason's and Andy's blogs.  These are two guys who can help you further your career and seize your accomplishments.


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Andy Sernovitz

Timothy -

Your books was a good, fun read - and full of great advice. Thanks!


Andy Sernovitz
Author, Word of Mouth Marketing: How Smart Companies Get People Talking (http://tinyurl.com/2twm77)

Timothy Johnson

Andy - thanks again for the kind words. Your blog is outstanding... more people should visit it.

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