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Open Mic Night @ Successful-Blog

I'm really excited about tonight.  I will be hosting "open mic" night at Successful Blog while Liz Strauss is out of the country on business.  For those of you not familiar with open mic night, imagine a 4-way intersection with four vehicles approaching the intersection at top speed.  Vehicle 1 is driven by a strong desire for conversation and interaction.  Vehicle 2 is driven by blogospheric technology.  Vehicle 3 is driven by stream of consciousness.  Vehicle 4 is driven by Attention Deficit Disorder.  These four vehicles collide every Tuesday night starting at 7:00 PM CST.  Getting to host is a big honor.  I feel like the high schooler whose mom has just left him the keys to her favorite sports car ("don't worry, Mom, I'll drive VERY carefully" - wink, wink, nudge, snicker).

Santas_spyTonight's topic will be fun (not that we have ever really stayed on topic).  Tonight we are discussing "Naughty or Nice:  Pranks and Good Deeds to get on one of Santa's lists."  And yes, that's me in the photo.  I was told to come up with a picture to go along with the theme.  They really should know better than to give me free rein on creativity by now.  Regardless, Santa does have his spies out and about, so we'll see what kind of "dirt" they can dig up.

If you're not doing anything tonight, feel free to swing by, participate in the conversation, or just observe some of the wackiest conversation you'll ever see.


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Eric Peterson

The movie night was cancelled (by my wife no less), however, we do have a sick kid at home. I'm going to do my best to be there tonight! I'm looking forward to it.



The picture, and your hosting sk1llz tonight were awesome!


Timothy Johnson

Eric - glad you were able to make it

Mike - chatting with you each week is a highlight for me.

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