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Would You Like a Balloon or a Lollipop?

LollipopIt's a normal question:  "We don't have any money in the budget to reward our project teams - what can we do?"

Well, you are in luck.  Joran Beel just emailed me with a free online version of his new book Project Team Rewards - Rewarding and Motivating your Project Team.  He asked me to share the link with my Carpe Factum readers.  Now, when somebody does something this nice, I think it's in our best interest to provide him with timely, honest, and helpful feedback (and a big thank you for sharing his work).

Joran, thanks for providing this resource for my readers!

What about you?  What are some creative "non-cash" rewards you've used to motivate your project teams?


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Crysta Wille

I hand made 150 thank you cards with personalized messages to each project contributor! They deserved it as they hung in there with me for a 2 and a half year effort. I got quite a few compliments (from the boys), for taking the time. They said they had never been so thoroughly appreciated for what they do.

Timothy Johnson

Now that's commitment Crysta! But it's those kinds of things that people really remember!

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