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And In Local News...

November has been a lot more relaxed than May through October were.  While I love speaking to different groups and meeting lots of new people, it has been wonderful to be home.  I've been spending my day today getting ready for the big day on Thursday... just doing some picking up and miscellaneous errand-running... and fantasizing about snitching as much stuffing as I can when my wife's back is turned (but don't tell her... after 13 years of marriage, I don't think she's on to me yet... I tell her it's just "natural evaporation").

Still, there are a couple of events this month.  Last week, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Moose in the Morning on Lazer 103.3 about the appropriate use of social media.  There was a recent story about a bank intern named Kevin Colvin who emailed his boss that he would be gone for a couple of days due to a family emergency.  What he didn't anticipate was that one of his co-workers would check out the latest pictures of his Halloween costume on his Facebook page.  Yeah, he may have been dressed as a fairy (too many possible directions I could take that), but wings and wand didn't create much magic for him.  We had a very pleasant discussion about what to do and what not to do with social media to keep yourself out of trouble.

Later this week, I will be at Border's Books in West Des Moines for a book signing on Saturday, November 24, from noon until 4.  If you're local and not already shopped out, I would love to meet you in person.

Enjoy your holiday week!


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