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Top Ten Revised

It's about time.

It had been over 10 months since I had updated my top ten favorite posts.  It was almost as if I had been saying that none of my 2007 writing on this blog was worthwhile.  So, after some gentle persuasion from a few key stakeholders, the Favorite Posts list was revamped.

Keep in mind, these are my favorite posts.  If there is one that I ignored, let me know.  This list is dynamic.  It's always helpful to have a few "tried and  true" favorites in my back pocket to share with others.  However, having this list does not prevent me from creating and trying new things in my writing.  Who knows?  I may just create something for the next top 10 list.  Happy reading.

  1. Why Carpe Factum?  (This will probably always be the number 1 post... for obvious reasons)
  2. Case File 060805 (This one generated more traffic than any other single post)
  3. God's Little Chew Toy
  4. Satan's Chihuahua
  5. Accomplishment Apnea
  6. Conversion on the Road to "Damn!  Ask us!" (New addition to the top 10... sucker for word play)
  7. Milestones in Project Life
  8. My Blogging Metaphore (New... really encapsulates my perceptions about the blogosphere)
  9. Authorities Baffled by Conversation Serial Killer (New... I had fun with the photography on this)
  10. Things That Make You Go Boom (New... the experience to write this was totally worth it)

Of course, there are others that I like, and I'm sure there are some that you like as well (both of mine and of yours).  Enjoy the list... and I look forward to continuing to provide new material.


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