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Now THIS Is An Elevator Speech

I've always said that every professional needs to be prepared with an elevator speech... you know, the 30-second yada-yada-yada that you can give your CEO if he asks what you're doing and how you add value to the company.  It should not be that hard.  After all, if Anita Renfroe can take every single line that a mom says in a 24 hour period and condense it to under 3 minutes and set it to the William Tell Overture, how hard really can YOUR job be?  Enjoy!


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sherry borzo

Oh that is just too funny!!!!! I'm sharing it with my Mom right now!



Just perfect! That really sums it up!


Chris Brown

Love this. Thanks so much for sharing.

You're right... now that's an elevator pitch... I'm exhausted just listening!!

Timothy Johnson

Sherry, Mark, and Chris - glad you were entertained and informed... this was definitely a great find!

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