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Tap Tap Tap Tap Tap

I know what you're thinking, and NO, I'm not going to expound on Senator Craig's recent indiscretions.  I'm not going to speculate whether he is or he isn't... whether he did or he didn't.  That's for the attorneys and political pundits and talking media heads to figure out.  There is a lesson in this news story, though.  How often do we communicate something (sometimes on purpose; others, inadvertently), and have the message come crashing down around us as things go terribly wrong?

DcommThere was a recent post in the Leadership Experience Blog that caught my attention.  In it, Casey shares some ideas about various common sense guidelines, but it was this paragraph early in the post that grabbed me:

Communication is how you verbalize what you want, when you want it and how you want it done. It also serves to give visual cues about your mood, your passion, your responses. These body language clues are not only seen but also felt and heard.

In the quest to accomplish things, we see people mess up communications in some pretty large ways.  Let me ask you, my readers, what the following communicate to you?

  • Arms folded, legs crossed, eyebrows furrowed, scowl growing
  • Yawning and looking at watch
  • Consistently showing up late to meetings
  • Cutting off a face-to-face conversation to answer email or take a cell call
  • Not delivering on a promised report/assignment/task without prior warning?

Now, without being busted by an undercover communications sting operation, what can you do to avoid sending unintended messages?


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