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Miscellaneous Monday

It's Labor Day... the "unofficial" end of summer... sigh.  Now we all have to brace ourselves for cubicle hybernation until next summer.  Are you feeling ready for it?

According to Bob McIlree and Phil Gerbyshak, GUST - The "Tale" Wind of Office Politics should have been on your summer reading list.  Considering it takes less than two hours to read and there are over two weeks left of summer, you can still accomplish this goal.  Troy Worman even referred to it as a "political thriller."  Ann Michael is reading it at the moment.  Thanks to all four of you for the positive reviews.  The bottom line is that that office politics will start heating up again now that vacations are over and everyone is back in the office full-time, pushing toward their year-end goals.  Are you ready to deal with it?

Also, I will be speaking at three different venues during the month of September.  If you are "in the neighborhood" I'd love to be able to meet you in person.  The three locations include:

I'm excited to be speaking at each of these events and hope to see some of you there.

If you can't make a speaking event but want to learn more about office politics, project management, or creativity, there are still some openings left in the October and November Carpe Factum workshops.  In a day (or a day-and-half), you can obtain some much needed and very applicable take-back-to-your desk skills.

Enjoy what's left of the last extended weekend before Thanksgiving, and get ready to Carpe Factum come tomorrow!


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ann michael

I actually finished reading it - it was great!!

Delaney Kirk

GUST is also required reading for one of the teams in my graduate Leadership class this semester! It will make a great book (and topic) to discuss in class.

michael jones

I was searching something about potty training but i think that your post is really really good! I like it very much!

Timothy Johnson

Ann - glad you enjoyed it

Delaney - thanks for making it part of your students' reading - let me know what they think of it

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