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Speaking Candidly

August and September are shaping up to be some very busy months for me, yet still very exciting at the same time.

First there are three speaking engagaements this month, in case you would like to attend.  If your schedule allows, I'd love to meet you in person:

The response for the new Carpe Factum Workshops has been very favorable.  There are still openings for the September workshops.  I had previously neglected to mention that there is a cap on the number of attendees for each workshop to better enhance the learning and communication environment.  This information is being updated today.  If you don't get in for September, there are openings in October through December, and the 2008 schedule will be released in October.

A special call-out is due to Valeria Maltoni for her great review on GUST - The "Tale" Wind of Office Politics.  I'm always fascinated by the personal nuggets that other people glean from reading this book.  It seems that each reader comes away with one specific message that fits him or her personally.  I think that is awesome, as the book was never intended as a "one size fits all."  Each of the reviews has personalized the book in some way, and since office politics are very personal, that's rewarding to see that the book is adding value across a diverse cross-section of professionals.

Finally, because my new blog buddy, April Groves, has shared her news about returning to school as a full-time student (way to go, April!), I thought I'd share a little education-related news of my own.  Because of Delaney Kirk's decision that Florida hurricanes were preferred over Iowa winters, her departure from Drake University (sniff, sniff) left a huge gaping hole in the department (in many ways).  One of those ways was a teaching position.  Earlier this summer, Drake offered and I accepted a one-year full-time visiting professorship in the College of Business and Public Administration.  In addition to all of the other current courses I'm teaching, I'll be developing and delivering a new MBA course in Leadership and Human Capital Development.  I'm very excited about the opportunity and thrilled to get to know my colleagues better.  Because the classes are all evening and weekend in format, I do not anticipate this interfering with my day-to-day consulting activities.

That's about it for a Monday morning.  Have an amazing week, and I hope you all are able to Carpe Factum!


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Delaney Kirk

Drake is lucky to have you! And this winter when it's below freezing and snowing, I'll remind you again why I moved to Florida!

Jack Rogers

Good luck with the full time position at Drake! They need more teachers like you.

Timothy Johnson

How lucky can a guy get... praise from both a former professor AND a former student.

Delaney - I'll try to live up to the high standards of teaching that you've set

Jack - Thanks for the vote of confidence... I'll try to live up to those expectations as well.


COngrats on the position Tim. Well deserved!

Timothy Johnson

Thanks, Beth... very excited about the opportunity. Wish I could have you in more classes.

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