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Returning From A Parallel Universe

My drive home today from SOBCon07 in Chicago was strange.  Nothing occurred during the drive that was out of the ordinary, but I can only imagine that the feeling I was experiencing was similar to what people feel when they've been abducted by aliens or have seen Bigfoot.  There's a natural adrenaline "high" but then you just have to keep pinching yourself to figure out if it really happened.  The big difference between me and the alien hostages is that I had a camera.

20070512_tony_and_sharonTony D. Clark and event sponsor Sharon Scherer were at my table!

20070512_jason_albaMega Real-Time Blogger Jason Alba was live blogging the whole darn thing... right beside me!

20070512_easton_and_troy"Rock Stars" Easton Ellsworth and Troy Worman... together in one room!

20070512_ari_and_director_tomNew Friends event sponsor Ari Garber and Tom Clifford (I'm the bald guy in the middle)

20070512_lisa_lorraine_phil_kammie_Phil Gerbyshak (always the ladies' man) with Lisa Gates, Lorelle VanFossen, Kammie Kobyleski, and Liz Strauss

20070512_derrick_and_michaelMore New Friends Derrick Sorles and Michael Snell

On Saturday, we heard from some amazing speakers:

  • Andy Sernovitz
  • Phil Gerbyshak
  • Liz Strauss
  • David Armano
  • Mike Sansone
  • Drew McLellan
  • Mike Wagner
  • Terry Starbucker
  • Rodney Rumford
  • Ben Yoskovitz
  • Chris Cree
  • Robyn Tippins
  • Diego Orjuela
  • Vernon Lun
  • Wendy Piersall
  • The one phrase that came up repeatedly throughout the day was lifted from Steve Farber, who was present for the event:  "Do what you love in the service of those who love what you do."  If you're a blogger, you get it.  If you're in a job where you don't love what you do or with whom you are working, you don't know what you're missing.  Parallel universe or not, this was one incredible weekend.  I've been to A LOT of conferences over the past two decades... never one with this many hugs throughout, never one where people use the term love and family (and really mean it), never one where there were tears shed at the end as good-byes were said, and never one where genuine people put themselves on the line and do what they love in the service of those who love what they do.

    Thank you to Chris and Lisa Cree, Liz Strauss, Terry Starbucker, Phil Gerbyshak, and Mike Sansone for making SOBCon07 a HUGE SUCCESS.  See you next year at SOBCon08.


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    Thomas Clifford

    Hi Timothy!

    Great pictures! It was truly a blast meeting you this past weekend. Your "headlne humor" is certainly worthy of attention and your kindness speaks volumes.

    I skimmed your book last night and can't wait to dive into it.

    I wish you all the best with yout new book and can't wait for sobcon in '08.

    Take care,

    Phil Gerbyshak

    Great pics Tim. Thanks for sharing them.

    Love your quote too. It's so simple really: Do what we love, and the rest will fall into place.


    See you soon :)

    Karin H.

    Hi Tim

    Can really imagine your feeling driving home, must have been one great experience.

    Thanks for placing all your pictures here. Now we - the ones who weren't there - all know who's who even better.

    Karin H (Keep It Simple Sweetheart, specially in business)

    Wendy Piersall

    Well, at least your headline indicates that you are indeed BACK form the parallel universe - I'm still feeling like I'm in the twilight zone between here and there! ;)

    It was GREAT to meet you, by the way - and of course, here I am to send you HUGS! :D

    Tony D. Clark

    Hey Tim - It was great meeting you.

    I read a bunch of your book at the airport while waiting for my flight. Cool stuff!

    Chris Cree

    Thanks for the photos, the kind words, the links, your books, and for attending and helping make this event the wonderful experience it was to all who made the trip to Chicago.

    Chris Brown

    I'm still pinching myself. You are so right. Most conferences aren't even friendly, but this one I really really hated to leave!!

    Thanks for the book too by the way! You're awesome!


    Hey Tim,

    I know we didn't get a chance to talk very much, but in was really cool to meet you and I totally agree with your wrap of of the SOB Con...I've NEVER attended a meeting that had SO much heart and SO many people that were ALL in alignment in both business and life. THAT's passion meets purpose to the EXTREME..I LOVED it!


    Timothy Johsnon

    Director Tom - it was so cool to meet you and learn about your pursuit of heroes. I look forward to seeing one of your films some day.

    Phil - you are incredible in person!!

    Karin - next year at SOBCon08... be there!!! There will be a hug waiting

    Wendy - hope your journey home from the Parallel Universe was safe and enjoyable. And boy-oh-boy do you give amazing hugs.

    Tony - glad you are enjoying the book. It was a pleasure sitting with you. I checked out your blog and your drawings are outstanding!

    Chris C - you and your wife are magicians, right? You both certainly helped make magic happen at SOBCon07. Thanks for all of your coordination efforts!

    Chris B - the love in that room was so thick and the energy it generated was so strong! I'm still on a high three days later.

    Kammie - the introduction has been made, and as Liz always says, "You're only a stranger once." From what little we interacted, you definitely live out your "passion meets purpose" mantra and I look forward to getting to know you better as time passes

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