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Most Far-Fetched Excuse

PonderingI'm starting a new periodic post series that I'm simply entitling MOST.  The purpose is to get you, the reader, to engage in blog conversation (but something fun and a little light-hearted).  I know I have hundreds of subscribers and visitors daily, so somebody is out there reading this blog.  It's your turn to talk.

For the inaugural MOST POST, I want to know what is the MOST FAR-FETCHED EXCUSE that you've ever heard somebody offer as a reason not to do something.

For me, it was a student many, many years ago (pre-Drake, even) who told me that his estranged wife had put a restraining order on him, and since they were both students at the same school, that was why he missed a third of the semester (of course, he tells me this right before returning to class after a four week absence instead of bringing it up the first week he was gone).

So let's hear yours:  what has been the most far-fetched excuse you've ever heard?

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Sherry Borzo

Fun question Tim. Personally, I think the reason I procrastinate things is because the thought of getting everything done is too stressful. If I actually accomplished my "to do" list then what would be the point of coming back tomorrow? I think for me there is a relationship between fear of death and fear of completing tasks. So my excuse is a deep seated thanatophobia.

Lisa Gates

Love this question!

And I'm bowled over by the first comment...silly me, I even went to look up thanatophobia in Dr. Seuss's PDR.

A married woman starting her own dance business said, "I'm afraid of having my own business because it would mean I won't have a marriage."

My favorite excuses are the ones that come in threes or fives, where one would do. "I can't do my homework because my dog ate my homework and my computer exploded, and then I had to go to the emergency room to get the silicon shards removed from my left eye, and that's my bad eye, not the one I'm blind in."

Timothy Johnson

Sherry - thanatophobia... what a GREAT word!!! Love it!

Lisa - you are so right... it's always amazing when God's Little Chew Toy is held to accountability... the excuse cup runneth over.


After having great rapport with a student I had been working with all year, they decided against coming to Simpson because they had a bad dream and thought it was a sign. UGH! I work way too hard for bad dreams to ruin things!!

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