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The Things We Do To Promote Education

Classpic OK, we can file this under the category of "lost all professional credibility."  Last night's assignment for my Creativity for Business students was to come dressed in costume.  As I mentioned earlier, I've structured the class around Roger von Oech's four roles of creativity:  The Explorer, Artist, Judge, and Warrior.  The students had to pick a costume and present to the class how it fit with one of the four roles.  Besides a fun way to jar them out of their comfort zone, each student resonates well with one role better than the others, and this exercise forces them to internalize that role.  My students were pretty darn creative and (I might add) really good sports.  And, since I'm an instructor who would never put my students through something I wouldn't do myself, I also came in costume.  If you want to know the significance of the pink bunny costume, ask Drew McLellan.  Bunny out, dude.


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Roger von Oech

It looks like one hell of a lot of fun! I wish I could have been there. Give my best wishes to all the class members!

Roger von Oech

Drew McLellan


Bunny Out!


Delaney Kirk

I knew it! Tim IS the Easter Bunny!

Timothy Johnson

Roger - you have NO idea :) Thanks for the well wishes, I'll pass them along

Drew - "bunny out" my fuzzy little white tail

Delaney - do you want to traumatize the population under 8 years of age???

Phil Gerbyshak

Tim - I'd love to take a class with you. Seems as though you totally take education to the next level. While you may be the Easter bunny, you may want to stick to "bunnying in" before someone mistakes you for Bugs and rushes you for autographs, though that might help book sales!

Keep inspiring us and your students Tim!

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