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The Next Big Thing?

OK, the ink isn't even dry on GUST and the release date is still a week off, and people are asking me about my next writing project.  To be honest, I don't want to think about a next writing project; however, an author must always stay "fresh" and "on top of his readers' requests." To accommodate these inquiries and requests, I've prototyped the cover for what I think is the end-all-be-all book that won't even stay on the shelves:


Can you tell I'm feeling a little squirrelly today?


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Delaney Kirk

Put me down for an autographed copy!!

Scot Herrick

Seriously, you have to write this. There are soooo many dummy books out there that this screams to be written.

OK...my last dollar driven suggestion to Carpe Factum!


Timothy Johnson

Delaney... glad to know you're still one of my biggest fans.

Scot... please, keep the suggestions coming. I'm glad you liked the concept. My publisher groaned when they saw it.

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