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It's a Breeze

It's now official:  GUST - The "Tale Wind of Office Politics is availabWindmill1le for pre-order on Amazon.  (And it's on sale right now for almost a third off the retail price.  What a great opportunity to buy a batch for your entire team... or your entire company.)

But enough shameless self-promotion...

Before you part with your hard earned money on a book that might just sit on your shelf collecting dust, I owe it to you to tell you a little bit more about it.  GUST is an acronym to describe a process of approaching office politics:

  • Game - figure out what is being manipulated and the source of friction
  • Understand - determine what is behind the players, the behaviors, and the motivations
  • Strategize - establish an approach that will get you as close to win-win as possible
  • Take Action - get your ducks in a row as you implement your political strategy

Too often, when we realize that office politics are being played on us, we simply lash out in a reactive approach.  Through dialogue among the characters as well as exercises and thought-provoking questions at the end of the book, you'll be able to diagnose your situation with a little more certainty and confidence and craft an approach that makes sense for the situation, the players involved, and the outcome you desire.

There are all types of "characters" out there, so it was impossible to address every situation.  However, many who have read the book already have attested to their ability to approach their political challenges in a different light... and with better results.

My goals as an author have stayed the same between Race Through The Forest and GUST:

  1. Distill take-back-to-your-desk application into an entertaining and informative hour-long-read (we're all busy people, after all)
  2. Create a business fable that engages the reader without condescending or insulting intelligence.

Special thanks to some of the other bloggers who were kind enough to read the manuscript and provide an advance praise:  Steve Farber, Liz Strauss, Mike Wagner, Phil Gerbyshak, Delaney Kirk, Rajesh Setty, Roger von Oech, and Franke James, just to name a few.  So... enjoy the read.  More book launch information to follow.


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Liz Strauss

I really do wish I had that book when I was working in publishing companies. :)

Roger von Oech

I'm sure sales will breeze right along for you!

Michael Wagner

I am eager to hear what kinds of feedback you get from readers of GUST.

I think it will be a fascinating window on corporate and organizational life here in the USA. That is, until GUST goes international and then you'll start hearing about organizational politics from all over the globe!

Keep creating,

Timothy Johnson

Liz, Roger, Michael - again, my HUGE thanks to all of you for all you've done to contribute to this project.

Delaney Kirk

It's a great book Tim! Hope you sell a million!


Re. Mike's comment, ditto. GUST is an wonderful piece of writing. Congrats and kudos!

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