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Why Am I Doing This Again?

KeyboardRecently, Starbucker tagged me with the simple question:  "Why do you blog?"  I'm nearing my first anniversary on the blogosphere, and I have to admit that it's been a wild ride.  To come up with reasons why I blog wasn't easy, and I felt as though spending a week pondering the question before answering would be beneficial... for me and for you.  Since Carpe Factum is about accomplishment, here are the five things I'm able to accomplish through blogging:

  1. Accomplish Breadth of Relationships - I've connected with so many people in so many industries.  It's rewarding to connect with people from other disciplines and walks of life.  Sometimes, those relationships allow me to make connections I normally wouldn't have made.  I've also been able to connect with individuals with whom I'd never imagined I could (thanks, Steve and Roger).
  2. Accomplish Depth of Relationships - I've seen a few posts comparing blogging with dating.  It starts out with a link or a trackback.  Then there are emails.  Occasionally, it evolves to phone calls.  Even better is having the privelege of meeting other bloggers in person.  People like Phil and Starbucker and Liz have demonstrated the great depth of friendship that can be accomplished.
  3. Accomplish a Business Presence With a Personal Face - I'm a speaker, consultant, instructor, coach, and writer.  Having a blog puts a face on my business.  Some of my more successful blog posts have been those where I've put more of my soul into it and shared a little about myself.  Other successes have been those where I chose to be a little goofy and poke fun at the world around me.  Either way, my clients and potential customers can learn a little about the man behind Carpe Factum.  It helps them decide if they want to do business with me in a way no sales pitch could ever achieve.  Mike and Mike did a good job of selling me on this approach.
  4. Accomplish Fun - The original reason I started blogging was to promote my book, Race Through The Forest.  With my second book, GUST - The "Tale" Wind of Office Politics, being released in a few weeks, people have been able to see my writing style as well as my management and leadership philosophies.  But what people have been able to see through it all is that I love to have fun.  I enjoy presenting the everyday and mundane in a new light.  I love word play, and I have a blast figuring out new ways to bring a smile to your face.
  5. Accomplish Tranquility and Closure - My wife commented a few weeks ago that blogging has provided me with great therapy.  Instead of internalizing the frustrating individuals, companies, and projects around me, they now become fair game for blog fodder.  And I have to admit, there is so much inspiration out there for writing.  GUST is probably as much of an expose of the last 20 years of behavior as it is an office politics reference.  The same is true of my blog; I rarely rely on theory when there is ample application available.  (NOTE:  I never divulge client names unless they've done something really great that needs to be highlighted, and even then I ask permission before identifying them.)

OK, who now gets tagged now in this little meme?  I'd like to point the spotlight at some people I'd like to know better (and whom you should know better as well).  So... Jane, Tom, Robert, Troy, and Adam... the ball is in your court.  Why do you blog?


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Jane Greer

Hey, Tim, you were the first person to comment on my first post in my first blog, and it's so cool that you tagged me here! Thank you. You epitomize the best of bloggers, which is generosity. Here are the three main reasons I blog:

1. I'm suffering from the Deepwinter High Plains Windchill Blues and wanted to have some interesting conversations on interesting topics with interesting people. The Central Iowa Bloggers have exceeded all my criteria and I hope to meet you all in person someday.

2. I have a brand-new business and wanted a way to show prospective clients my abilities and philosophy.

3. Sending words out into the bottomless chasm of the blogosphere--and having those words read and responded to--seemed like less of a challenge than the last ten years of my life, spent trying to get my ideas and words heard and responded to in government and agency settings.

The first eight days have been a blast!

Terry Starbucker

Well done Tim! Thanks for responding to the tag, and thanks too for the further insight into what "Carpe Factum" is all about. Hope to see you again soon! All the best.

Tom Haskins

Hey Tim
I came up with 7 reasons why I blog. I posted them to my blog at:
Thanks for tagging me!


Hey Tim,

Thanks for the shout/call out! I was going to answer the question on here, but it's probably best that I do a blog post.

Until then...

Timothy Johnson

Jane - thanks for sharing... always great to expand the conversation

Terry - my pleasure... thanks for tagging me

Tom - great list... glad you joined in

Adam - will have to check out your list; I'm sure it will be a great one

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