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Thinking Out of the Box Set

During last night's lecture in the Creativity for Business course, the conversation shifted to story-telling as a means of getting in touch with your creative side.  We're all story-tellers, whether we know it or not.  Every time we create a PowerPoint presentation or write a status report, we're really telling a story.  One of my favorite blogospheric story-tellers is Valeria Maltoni.  Maybe it's her Italian heritage or maybe it's just her natural self... whatever it is, each of her blog posts weaves a fascinating story, allowing us to see the fabric of her soul as well as the business point she's making.

One of Valeria's posts from last November continues to jump around in my mind.  In it, she describes some of her favorite musicians from her native region in Italy.  I loved her introduction to her post:

"Each conversation follows a rhythm. There are the exchange of the speaker's tempo, which includes pauses, the listener's attention range, and the pitch of the words to the tune this rich combination stimulates. When we connect with someone, the rhythm seems effortless as we are immersed in the flow together. Every so often, there is a special someone who manages to arrange a different kind of experience and the result changes us forever."

Anyway, back to last night's class.  As we talked about the role of story-telling, I asked my students if their life were made into a movie, what would the soundtrack sound like?  What artists and songs would be included?  My personal soundtrack CD cover might look like this:

AlbumcoverThe next point really surprised them.  What would happen if they were asked to create a sound track for their project?  For their department?  For their division?  For their company?  What songs would be included?  What genres?  What artists would they select to represent their culture?

I'm not going to tag specific people and make a new meme virus.  But I'd like to challenge a few of my fellow bloggers to track-back to me and share with their readers their personal or their project soundtrack.


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Valeria Maltoni

Hello Tim:

I like my tag position between storytelling and Van Morrison ;-) What a great take on music and soundtracks. As my sweet spot is the conversation I would have to pick all duets, especially the ones with Tony Bennett and Mina (no worries, I'll blog about her).

Timothy Johnson

Hi Valeria - you can blame Typepad for your positioning (although I agree - being wedged between Story Telling and Van Morrison is an enviable location). Your post on Mina was a fun read... thanks for sharing!

Jodee Bock

Love this idea! I have a radio show on a local college station each Sunday and I started out by playing people's life theme songs. I asked people to send them to me along with the reason they would pick them. That lasted me about 2 months and then I decided to go with a theme each week, with music to support it. So I've got a WONDERFUL collection of Life Theme Songs going. Among them is Art Garfunkel's "Grateful," Jana Stanfield's "If I Were Brave," Five for Fighting's "100 Years," and Dan Fogelberg's "The Higher You Climb." There are so many songs that I didn't even know about until I did a keyword search in Rhapsody. Now they're on my own person life soundtrack!

Timothy Johnson

Jodee - thanks for joining the conversation. Music is the ultimate story-teller, and it sounds like your story is amazingly eclectic. So... if you had to create the soundtrack cover to go with your musical story, what would that look like?

Jodee Bock

Great question - I think it would have a mountain on it with a path that includes all kinds of twists and turns ... and mosaics of all my adventures along the path. It would be very colorful and kind of busy, but with one spot on the mountain path that has a stream and tree with some shade and a place to rest. I love this vision! Thanks for asking that question!

Timothy Johnson

Sounds like you've given this some thought, Jodee. I bet your readers would love to see your "life box set" and your design. Let your artistic side go hog wild. My design was easy: I've always loved cars.

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